Principles of American individualism

Talking about individualism and the group is like talking about yourself and your friend. Human all over the world included you have attempted to achieve some of individualism. The idea of individualism has been rejected by different civilization of various reasons. The group rather dominant and it really was not until rather recent time. Historical speaking that the individual become more important than the group in many cultures especially in western culture.
American brings individualism become more important that group. They had no name of this idea but they liked about it in many different ways.  Benjamin Franklin made a popular proverb that then became principle of individualism “ god will help who help themselves”. From those proverb then develop into several principles.
Principles of American individualist
  • 1.      Think for your self
  • 2.      To each his or her own
  • 3.      Do it your self
  • 4.      Change is good
  • 5.      Look out for #1
  • 6.      Private, keep out
  • 7.      The embarrassment of richest
  • 8.      Question of authority

1.        Think for your self
People in US dislike to be ordered to do something. They usually can judge what is the best for their selves. If a new order is given or a law published, they want to know the reason about it.  People in US is used to do something just by their selves but it doesn’t mean that they will do what they want. They will consider whether it is good or not. People in US believe that under a certain circumstance an individualist must deny order when they believe that the orders are immoral or illegal.

2.        His or her own
We don’t have to agree with every belief, attitude, and religion.  A person shouldn’t be in  his or her friend but a person is free to choose what the like to do, what like to choose and what he like to belief. In the matter of having politic view, religion and belief.  Human is free to choose what side he want to. We are free to have friend, who has a different political view or even religion.

3.         Do it your self
It means that everybody has responsible in his or her own life. People in US usually very confident to show what he like and proud in what he is. People in US always have self-motivated when they will do something for their selves. For example, it is not usual when we encounter an American orders somebody to write his assignment. There, it is kind of such ridiculous thing.   

4.         Change is good
In the US, change and variety are qualities admired. This is not always true in other culture. For example, in Japan, where leaving accompany to get other job, Japanese often said that it is disloyal. In most Asian countries, when somebody leave a community or a job to get something new and different, he will be no longer expected  and he will not get respect more from his friend. But in US, an individualist is free go be what he want and People in US will respect all choices.
5.         Look out for #1
People in US are fierce competitor.  They will not deny if they can be number one. Competition in US is great. They work hard to get it. Bit in recent year, to cooperative with the other is also the best way to get  a ranking but in the line of white side, children in Japanese classroom, advance learner will not be separated but they are gathered in a same place so that advance student can learn the other. 
6.         Private , keep out
The right to privacy has always been considered important in US. We do not share certain information even with our friends. It is not usual for a child who has her own bedroom to put a sign on a door and says “private, keep out” it is considered perfectly normal in US, Culture to have a space of his or her own. English do not always need wall tor special area to mark off their own territory. Many of them, particularly in the upper-middle or upper-classes , shared their nursery room with their brother and sister when they were young and do not have room of their own. In other cultures such as Japanese, Russian and Arab, there is no a word for privacy. Being alone is either not possible because of space or it is not considered important.
7.         The embarrassment richest
In the us. Individualism walk and in hand with egalitarianism, a sense that everyone should be equal no matter how much money, power, or fame he or she has. Many in the US are quick to recent other who try to impress them with their position or wealth. While individual in the US will often strive to attain many or material goods, they don’t like to hear other people brag about how rich and successful they are.
8.         Question authority
People in US believe that they have a right to against their government. They demonstrate, vote or in a cast a ballot against issues, petition whose in authority. Moreover, generally make their voices are heard through any number of actions, all of which are all considered legal.


Vitamins for smoker

To stop smoking is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. However, that does not mean that you have to give up so easily on the circumstances and do not seek to improve yourself, or make your life healthier. If you are a heavy smoker, you should diligently taking vitamins and antioxidants, like vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene. This is important because vitamins and antioxidants at least provide a little protection against the harmful effects of smoking. Nutrition experts usually advocate the consumption of these vitamins so that your immune system stronger and repairing damage caused by tobacco smoke. Have you make it?

Tobacco smoke can damage your immune system because of that, the experts advise smokers to consume some vitamins. To keep their sanity, Smokers should take some vitamins, among others, as follows;

a) Vitamin C
The main function of vitamin C as an antioxidant is to neutralize toxins and free radicals in the blood and body fluid cell. From this way the role of vitamin C prevent cholesterol oxidation of LDL and prevent blockage of blood vessels, so it does not cause heart disease, and Hypertension, even maintaining lungs healthy by neutralizing free radicals that enter through the respiratory tract. Vitamin C also increases white blood cells that fight infection and the flu recover more quickly, helping to activate folic acid, increasing absorption of iron to prevent anemia, and regenerating vitamin E, so it can be used again as an anti-oxidant. Oranges, broccoli, watermelon, red peppers, kiwi fruit and strawberries are the source of foods that contain lots of Vitamin C.

b) Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a very good vitamin to fight free radicals. High content of antioxidants in the vitamin E is able to prevent free radicals contained in cigarette smoke. It proven in a study; vitamin E can reduce the risk of lung cancer for smokers. Vegetable oils, mango and sprouts are food, which is rich in this vitamin.

c) Beta-carotene

Foods that contain lots of beta-carotene are yellow and orange fruits and dark green vegetables such as carrots squash sweet potatoes and spinach in addition to other green leafy vegetables. The use of antioxidant supplements beta-carotene long-term (more than 15 years) may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease or a decline in thinking ability. Regarding beta-carotene may protect against Alzheimer diseases is not new news. Antioxidants can be used for nutritional intake by eating nutritious foods or vitamin

Smokers are expected to take vitamins to maintain their health; at least they make an effort to slightly reduce the dangers of smoking. In cigarette smoke, there is a dangerous free radicals and toxins contained in the tar and nicotine which can damage the body. To reduce the danger that the smokers are encouraged to take some vitamins such as vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene. Those three vitamins could help neutralize free radicals as well as anti-oxidants. Therefore, is highly recommended for smokers consume fresh fruits that contain many vitamins. Neutralize toxins in the body as well as the prevention of diseases such as cancer, blood clots, hypertension, Alzheimer's disease, and other disease caused by tobacco.

burned dream #1

I sat behind a wall of silence. Hold alone desires, drift, I felt extreme hatred within. I went back to repeat the course, as should be enjoyed over again. I continue to experience it. Always the same as what I thought. Is it true that I did pull it or it does not have any changes from the other. And I have never arrived at what I dream in.
I continued to feel nauseous, my head suddenly dizzy, my body burned. I'd love to hit the wall behind me was left devastated. My eyes seemed to glaze, seemed dark to see it all. My hands seemed to tremble waiting for the inner strength to rebel. But again I realize, I can not do anything. Absolutely not. I realized I was in a circle that is so far the limit so I can not see. The longer I ran, faster and faster I ran the stronger the rope that bound me. Feels increasingly dull. I really hate it all.
And I'm still in behind the wall holding my hovering dreams. All I know now I was dying of you.

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Family Values in United States

This is an example study of cultural value, the topic here is family values in United Stated. Cultural value. A study of family value in united states. When we are talking about family, it may raise some question such as how have you been raised in your family? What values underlie the way you brought up? Are the family values the same across culture? This topic will examine the family values in the U.S. culture. Family Values in united states have their own characteristic generally, there are six point that should be learned which is stated as follow
  •   Child raising
  •   Young adulthood
  •   The Elderly
  •   The Nuclear and extended Family
  •   Familial roles
  •   Stability and change family
a)      Child raising
Acculturation, which begin at birth, is the process of teaching new generation of children the custom values of parent’s culture. US families usually trade their children with a more high privacy intention. American family habituates their children to be independent child. And also democration showed when Many children are taught at very early ages to make decisions and to be responsible for their actions , and also In the United State it is not uncommon for parents to put a newborn in a separate room that belong only to the child. Besides that American traditionally have held independence and a closely related value, individualism, in high esteem. Often children (teenager , 13 to 18 years) work for money out side the home as a first step establishing autonomy. Many parents believing that managing money helps children learn responsibility as well as appreciate the value of money.

b)      Young  Adulthood

Adulthood in US usually has their own decision of life. Upon reaching an appropriate age (usually between 18 and 21 years) children are encouraged, but not forced, to “leave their nest”, and begin and independent life. Leave the nest mean that US adulthood usually leave their home and they try to find himself out side home. They often find social relationship and final support outside the family. For Adulthood in US
Parents do not arrange an marriages for their children but they usually ask permission of their parents to get married.
c)      The elderly

Societal and familial treatment of elderly also reflects in their individualism and independence. Their financial support come from government and social security . elderly often seek their friend rather than becoming emotionally dependent of their child. Glorification of youth and indifference to the aged has left many older people alienated and alone.  Some families in US usually send their older relatives to nursing homes

d)     The Nuclear and extended Family
Attitudes toward elderly can further understood by distinguishing between nuclear and extended family structure in US. the nuclear family consist of father, mother, and children.  The extended family includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, and in-laws.  The distinction between nuclear and extended family are important because it suggest the extent of family “ties and obligation. In extended family, the children and parent have strong obligation that would find in other culture. The nuclear family usually has its own separate residence and it’s often economically independent of other family member.
In the way of financial problem it is traditionally that male was responsible for the financial support of the home and family member whereas female was responsible for emotional support, child raising and housekeeping. However female in US often run out from the traditional obligation for some reason. A financial need and not because of desire to change their role from homemaker to breadwinner. They feel that the husband and the wife should share financial support of the family.  And for Professional interest and a desire to contribute to society

e)      Familiar roles
Traditionally male has been responsible for financial support of the homes and family members. The female has often been responsible for emotional support, child rising and housekeeping, but now its change, most of wife in United States is working.

f)       Stability and change in the family

The united state is a heterogeneous country. Economic conditions, societal attitudes, and job mobility in the United State compete with traditional influences and also Changes in the American family structure are evidenced by increased rates of separation and divorce 

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How to keep your body healthy

Health is the most worship thing in the world, so you should keep your body health. in order to make your body or your health is healthy, it's better you see the following tips.

1. Take a bath
Both the bath and in showers, baths will always be able to make your body more energy, so says Gold.

2. Drink a bottle of water
Mild dehydration can affect the body, even before you realize that you're thirsty. The signs are headache, fatigue, and exhaustion. "In order for the body to re-fresh, try to drink a full bottle of water," anjur Tammy Gold, a psychotherapist and parenting coach.

3. Keep your blood sugar levels
When you feel so tired, it is nice to be able to eat candy or drink something sweet. But there was a surge of energy that it is only temporary. In a short time, you feel more tired than before. This is because sugar is absorbed quickly by the body, then removed too quickly. "It's better, eat snacks, such as fruits," said Gold.

 4. Keep getting activity
Some studies found that regular physical activity can increase energy levels, even higher than a nap. Need not be too grandiose to enroll in a gym. Kompeks short walk around the housing while pushing a stroller can already make you a more refreshed. Or, do a light stretch while doing housework.

5. Do not miss breakfast
You always require children to have breakfast before school, but you often do not do it alone instead. Stop this practice. Do not just rely on the strength of a cup of coffee. Therefore, the research shows that eating breakfast in the morning can help to encourage greater energy for activity throughout the day.

6. Get enough sleep
Indeed, it is difficult for you to meet the recommended sleep about 8 hours a day. But do not let your sleeping time was cut to only 4-5 hours a day! "Nothing can cure the lack of sleep. Even as strong as any caffeinated beverages can not be helped," says Debi Silber, MS, RD, a personal trainer as well as lifestyle coach and author of A Pocket Full of Mojo: 365 Proven Strategies To Create Your Ultimate Body, Mind, Image and Lifestyle. "Finding a solution of caffeine and sugar will only make you feel very tired and prone to excessive weight gain."

Try to improve your sleep time. For one week, go to sleep about 1 hour earlier each night. Forget the desire to watch television. Notice how much the energy changes that you experience when entering the next week

 7. Change clothes
When he was in the house, would you rather wear nightgowns or pajamas. "It can actually make you feel more tired and drained of energy," said Gold. Try to wear nicer clothes, like trousers and short sleeved shirt. Look at how changes in "costume" can affect your mood changes!

 source: WebMD

Rules to speak English fluently

" How to speak English fluently" that's might be the question which commonly comes up when you study English. When you study English, speaking subject is the most important thing i think, you you must understand the rule so that you will be fluent in speaking English. here are some rules that you should know.

1 Don't study grammar too much
Studying grammar will only slow you down and confuse you. You will think about the rules when creating sentences instead of naturally saying a sentence like a native. Remember that only a small fraction of English speakers know more than 20% of all the grammar rules. Many ESL students know more grammar than native speakers.

2Learn and study phrases
When you learn a language, you learn both words and phrases together. Likewise, you need to study and learn phrases. If you know 1000 words, you might not be able to say one correct sentence. But if you know 1 phrase, you can make hundreds of correct sentences. If you know 100 phrases, you will be surprised at how many correct sentences you will be able to say. Finally, when you know only a 1000 phrases, you will be almost a fluent English speaker.

The English Speaking Basics section is a great example of making numerous sentences with a single phrase. So don't spend hours and hours learning many different words. Use that time to study phrases instead and you will be closer to English fluency.

3 Don't translate

When you want to create an English sentence, do not translate the words from your Mother tongue. The order of words is probably completely different and you will be both slow and incorrect by doing this. Instead, learn phrases and sentences so you don't have to think about the words you are saying. It should be automatic.

Another problem with translating is that you will be trying to incorporate grammar rules that you have learned. Translating and thinking about the grammar to create English sentences is incorrect and should be avoided.

4 Practice Speaking
Reading, listening, and speaking are the most important aspects of any language. The same is true for English. However, speaking is the only requirement to be fluent. It is normal for babies and children to learn speaking first, become fluent, then start reading, then writing. So the natural order is listening, speaking, reading, then writing.
Submerge yourself
Being able to speak a language is not related to how smart you are. Anyone can learn how to speak any language. This is a proven fact by everyone in the world. Everyone can speak at least one language. Whether you are intelligent, or lacking some brain power, you are able to speak one language.

This was achieved by being around that language at all times. In your country, you hear and speak your language constantly. You will notice that many people who are good English speakers are the ones who studied in an English speaking school. They can speak English not because they went to an English speaking school, but because they had an environment where they can be around English speaking people constantly. There are also some people who study abroad and learn very little. That is because they went to an English speaking school, but found friends from their own country and didn't practice English. You don't have to go anywhere to become a fluent English speaker. You only need to surround yourself with English. You can do this by making rules with your existing friends that you will only speak English. You can also carry around an iPod and constantly listen to English sentences. As you can see, you can achieve results by changing what your surroundings are. Submerge yourself in English and you will learn several times faster

5 Study correct material
A common phrase that is incorrect is, "Practice makes perfect." This is far from the truth. Practice only makes what you are practicing permanent. If you practice the incorrect sentence, you will have perfected saying the sentence incorrectly. Therefore, it is important that you study material that is commonly used by most people.

Studying English with a friend who is not a native English speaker is both good and bad. You should be aware of the pros and cons of speaking with a non native speaking friend. Practicing with a non native person will give you practice. You can also motivate each other and point out basic mistakes. But you might pick up bad habits from one another if you are not sure about what are correct and incorrect sentences. So use these practice times as a time period to practice the correct material you studied. Not to learn how to say a sentence.

In short, study English material that you can trust, that is commonly used, and that is correct.

Source : Talk English

poetry to you #2

 and i'm just tired

I've tried to keep running
But this foot was always prevented ,
I'm stumped, I'm just tired ..

Do not you know, I'm tired of being behind you?
You're running too slow,
You're so stupid,
You never know ...

You've been there so long
Do not you fed up the circumstances that never change?
I want to fly from one branch to other branches, ..
did you ever think that we are running behind a turtle?
And I'm tired of being behind you.

queen utopiz haterulez who never knows

Tips to raise your work enthusiasm

When you feel bore, weak, incapable or too lazy in working what will you do?  how to raise your enthusiasm? Sometimes  you experience boredom in working, so you feel your enthusiasm in order to achieve something fading anyway, as you experience some problems. In other words, you are experiencing a great decrease in the spirit of achieving what you dream of. You think that you felt lost focus and did not feel comfortable. When you experience it, do not ever give up, there are a few tips you can try as it is said by my Mentor Ainy below.

When you feel your enthusiasm crumbling because there may be many things that you encounter and it's all a big deal, it helps you read the following tips.

The following three simple steps you need to do with wholeheartedly:

# First, answer the following questions honestly, actually, what is the main reason I pioneered this business? This question seems easy, but it turns out you need the time to answer them honestly. Why is your honesty in answering this question so important? Because, the more you are honest answer, the more you know how important you are persistent and focused to build your business success. Then, imagine! Imagine how much benefit you have provided has been good for yourself, your employees, your clients, as well as people who use your product or service. Say grace with a smile.

Shall you go back? Shall you feel weak? Shall any obstacles that hinder you? I believe the answer is NO. So, let's say this sentence with a vengeance, many times until you feel your spirit awakened. I, I was a noble woman and wonderful. Any obstacles that prevent me, I'm through with real action, tireless and desperate!

# Second, ask yourself, actually, what are you all this trouble? Answer these questions honestly. Write down one by one the difficulties that you encounter.

# Third, write down what are the actions you need to do to overcome your difficulties.

"A great way in getting something is to believe your own head, foot, hand and heart. Just believe that you can do that, then i’m sure you will truly get that."
---------------------Cemink Haterulez-----------------

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Ten ways to encourage children to study

Are your children lazy?, do know how to fit it?, do you know how to avoid children's laziness or how to support your children in study?, all right  i'll give you references to encourage children or student to study. 

# Time to Read
Spend of the world children to read something because reading is a very surefire to increase children’s knowledge of many things.

# Freedom of Speech
Support your child to talk about his opinion, her feeling  and give him the opportunity to choose. giving the freedom of speech will make children think for themselves

# Always Enthusiastic
look at your child's interest and always give support to your child to develop what is in his mind.

# Provide Game
Provide games that make children more interest in learning, using a game that can sharpen the brain, for example Scrabble, chess and like other.

# Differences in Interest
Show a new thing you learn with enthusiasm. Talk with your child about two different interests. For example: you want to paint a child while you are interested in learning Mandarin. Find your tutor or enroll in a course. Parents are the most important examples in the lives of children. Show the children that learning is a life experience that there is no age limit, your child will catch the message.

# Asked Subjects
Ask your child what they have learned in school. Ask your child to teach you what he had learned in school. This will help the child to master what they have learned in school.

# Don’t ever you make your children fatigue
Ask the children always  to collect test, tests, and assignments in school. Do it together so he would realize that you are giving attention to his progress in school. Ask your child regularly to make sure he did not feel exhausted in t too much task.

# Celebrate achievements
Celebrate achievements, no matter how small. For example: if a child has been doing his homework, give time to play video games for an hour. By providing positive support.

# Develop the talent
Focus your attention on the excess of the child, keep your child can develop their talents freely.

# Develop the world
Take advantage of everyday events as opportunities to study. Learning is made up of what you know and connect it to the facts.


why people like to read comic

Naruto,  Doraemon, One Piece , Bleach and there are many others comic. What do you think, when you found that words?, Comic?, what is comic?, do you like comic?. Comics is a picture story in magazines, newspapers, and books are generally well digested and funny, Comics are defined as pictures and other symbols in sequential position (adjacent side by side) in a particular order that aims to give information or separately to achieve an aesthetic response from readers.  comic is a cartoon that reveals a character and act out a story in a sequence that is closely associated with the image and is designed to provide entertainment to the reader. Comics are a form of picture story consists of a variety of situations serialized, sometimes humorous.
comic cemink
The attractiveness of different types of comic book follow the pattern of readers age. Among preschool children, which is favored by comic animal figures, such as Mickey mouse, Donald Duck, and Doraemon, who dress and talk like humans. However, preschoolers actually liked all the comics on the condition does not contain the violence. At the end of childhood, children love the comic with a hero who can he identified. They like adventure, mystery, and suspense. Are teenagers, they like the story of romance and love. Sex and crime are also attractive to children during adolescence, as well as humor. This was in accordance with the phase of the process of literary development of children, namely: age 2-4 years is the age of fantasy children, ages 4-8 years of age tale, age 8-11/12 years of age adventure, heroic age of 12-15 years of age, and age 15-20 years of age lyrical and romantic. School-age children love comics because some of them are as follows.
1.     Through identification with the characters in the comics, children acquire a good opportunity to get insight to know their personal and social problems. This will help them to solve the problem.
2.      Attract comic imagination and curiosity about the supernatural,
3.     Comics give the child temporary escape from hustle and bustle of everyday life.
4.     Comics are easy to read, even poor children can read to understand the meaning of the picture
5.     Because comics are not expensive and is also broadcast on television so that all children knew him.
6.     Because a lot of comics are exciting, mysterious, and funny, comic encourage children to read the other books are not widely shared.
7.     Comics give something that is expected in the serial form.
8.     Characters in comics are often strong, brave, and handsome, so giving the hero for the child to identify,
9.     Images in the comic colorful and simple enough to understand the children


Characteristic of Young Learner

When you are a teacher, you should know the characteristic of children, or the characteristic of young learner that you taught. Young learners mean children from the first year of formal schooling (5 or 6 year old) to eleven or twelve year age. Young learners have own special characteristics that differentiate them from adult learners. There should be known and understood by the teacher to give contribution to improve their quality of teaching and learning process. In relation to this, Halliwel (1992: 3-5) clarifies the characteristics of children;
1. Children are already very good in interpreting meaning without necessarily understanding the individual word.
2. Children already have great skill in using limited language creativity.
3.  Children frequently learn indirectly rather than directly.
4.   Children take good pleasure in finding and creating fun in what they do.
5.  Children have a ready imagination, children words are full of imagination and fantasy, and it is more than simply matter of enjoyment.
The characteristic of young learners mentioned by Clark (1990: 6-8):
a.    Children are developing conceptually: they develop their way of thinking from the concrete to the abstract thing.
b.  Children have no real linguistics, different from the adult learners that already have certain purpose in learning language, for instances, to have a better job, children rarely have such needs in learning a foreign language. They learn subject what school provide for them.
c.    Children are still developing; they are developing common skill such as turn talking and the use of body language.
d.    Young children very egocentric, they tend to resolve around themselves.       
e.    Children get bored easily. Children have no choice to attend school. The lack of the choice means that class activities need to be fun interesting and exciting as possible by setting up the interesting activities. 


Why always me

i write this poetry when i got stuck in my bedroom, yelling for my mate,.. i'm confused, boredom then i just wrote it down in silly mind. i supposed that everything is not okey, everything is gettin' worse and worse.

Why always me

When love is in the vacuum
Thoughts drift exhausting
Direction not certainly
dead eyes, loss of conscience

I hate the the crying
I hate the punch ,
I hate the mimic,
I hate the the smell ,

I'm just tired
Tired and powerless to leave all
Too big for my wall Crossed
The wind was too strong for I lunge

Why do not you just go?,. You have wings to fly
You have a fan to dissipate the wind
Why should me limping?

by : cemink

The boy and echoes of life

i've written about inspiring short story in the previous post, the title is cricket and coin. now i give you another short story which i suppose has a deep meaning for you,.. just see what message are showed in this short story and enjoy it ..
frogmen picture
"The boy and echoes of life"

A boy with spends his leisure time by climbing mountains with his father's ,. suddenly the boy tripped over a root and fell. "Ouch" his screaming broke the silence of the mountains. The boy was very surprised when he heard a voice shouting in the distance mimicked exactly the same, "Ouch!" , he cried again, "Hey, who are you?" Also heard the same answer, "Hey, who are you?" he became very angry because his voice is always imitated, then angrily the boy exclaimed, "you cowards!" Again, he was surprised when the sound of it back with a similar curse. He asked his father, "What happened?" With great wisdom, the father smiled, and say "My son, try to notice”.
He said with a loud voice," I admire you! "The distant voice replied," I admire you! "Once again the father yelled," You are the champion! "The voice also said," You are the champion! "The boy is very surprised. However, he did not understand what it means. Then the father explained, "the voice was an echo, but it really that's life." life gave feedback on all the speeches and actions.   

"In other words, our life is a reflection or a shadow over our actions. If you want to get more love in this world, so creates love in your heart. If you want, your work team has a high capacity, so improving the ability of that.  Life will give back everything that you gave her. Remember, life is not a coincidence, but a shadow of ourselves."


Similarities between spouse and a cigarette

If in the previous post, i share about COIN VS CRICKET, and genius man in mind mapping, now i'll tell you about cigarettes and spouse. Do you know the difference between choosing a spouse and cigarettes?, what is the correlation between cigarette and spouse?,.Yes of course this writing may be more easily understood by a smoker. As me, I also was an active smoker who knows what risk to my health but I did not get away from it for granted, as to me smoking is not just inhale smoke, but more than it all .. Okay, back to what I wanted to share to you ..

cigarettes vs spouse

Starting from the word spouse, what is mate?,. in outline, yes we all know what the exact definition of spouse for life, i think my life partner is someone who might never want to hurt us, and also someone who is always there when needed. Someone who gives his shoulder when we are feeling down, someone who made ​​tea on a sunny morning, a person who is always behind us and have always supported, as well as someone who gives us a very sweet baby and the one-someone who others.

So what is a cigarette?, .. 

cigarettes or Rooms are a collection of slices of ​​tobacco leaves mixed with spices tententu and of course also a delicious flavor and shaped in the form of bars, then does meaning only that , for you?, cigarettes is a dangerous thing that can cause various diseases, but cigarette also a friend who accompanied us in the hot sun, the moon at night, when we feel alone, tired, and happy. Cigarettes also always accompany us to enjoy tea in the morning newspaper while membaaca, makes us comfortable when subjected to stress and so on, too numerous to mention.

What is the relation to the spouse?, ..

Nearly as,. When a smoker has chosen cigarette what he thought, he can enjoy its aroma and taste, of course he will not switch to look for another cigarette. Perhaps many people are often rolling cigarettes, I suppose that they have not found the taste and aroma of cigarettes which  really make them comfortable and satisfied. When someone has been agreed that he had to choose one kind of cigarettes brand, I think he will always buy the brand and will not be too happy to switch to another. In fact, I often encounter people who are not filling his stomach is better than not smoking. He would even do anything to get it. It is similar with a spouse. When we think that we've found the right life-partner, we certainly will  ignore another women or, men. Even we often do everything to take him/her home.
Cigarettes and a spouse is definitely are two different things, but have similarities in so many thing. Sometimes it makes us happy, makes us want to vomit, gives us satisfaction, and accompanies us everywhere. In cigarettes that we like, we'll enjoy every inch from its body, enjoy the every curve of its body and inhale the aroma with great pleasure, but when we are not happy, even one sucking will make us want to vomit. We'll throw it and will enjoy the aroma of another cigarettes .
you can conclude yourself (for smokers) what cigarettes gave you, almost equal to what you received from your spouse. You got a friend, you got the flavor, and also often endanger your health. And maybe you can give an addition in what I wrote.
I do not intend to invite other people to enjoy the cigarettes, but I just want to share ideas and what I wrote is inspired from my own personal experience and I am sure there will definitely agree with it ., ..

Best regards free speech.


Get Stuck in Boredom
stuck in boredom

When I drew this picture, .. what I imagine  is how bored i feel, .. i name this picture stuck in bore boredom, full of hate and wisdom less. I was sick of what I encountered when I was tired of it ... I was sick to think about what I wrote, I am tired of asking how much money I had, I am tired of hearing my girlfriend screaming ... I hope that my knife (in this picture) in this image could clear all boredom ... then immediately, after I finished uploading this picture, my hatred is reduced, as I share them with everyone who want to see and comment on this picture ....
Thank you for visiting, 
please leave your comment of what i wrote and drew...
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