Example of adjective clause question

This is the example of adjective clause, there are 20 question and devided into two mode. When you will making an adjective clause question, I hope it will help you.. thank you…

Fill in with: who, whom, whose, which
1.      That is the boy _____girlfriend got an accident yesterday
2.      Does you know talita’s bag in ___ she put his pen?
3.      To ____did he give the money a minute ago ?
4.      We don’t know ___will be responsible for that.
5.      ____shoes do you think suitable for me, the yellow one or the blue one?
6.      With ____will she go to Wina’s party tomorrow?
7.      ___book is that in the drawer of the table?
8.      She’s not sure from _____the flower she got this morning.
9.      ____town is better, Jogjakarta or Surabaya?
10. Those ___come earlier will be presented?

Combine the two sentences into the most appropriate adjective clause
1.      Mr Willy is our teacher. We like him very much.
2.      Jakarta is a town. I studied there in 2007.
3.      Do you know the man?. My father gave him some pennies two days ago.
____________________________________________________ ____
4.      Sunday is the day. I was happy on that day.
5.      That is the boy. his house was robbed by a group of thief.
6.      Do you know my bag? I bought it last week.
7.      Mr. Black is the song writer. His song is widely heard.
8.      The car is mine. It is in the garage.
9.      The girl is my friend. She works in the bank.
10. The old lady lives near my house. His husband died last week.

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This kind of thessis talking about Analysis of relationship status between members of allKPOP group in facebook. here is stated the teory of relationship status, complete analysis, and will give you a example of thesis. you can download it freely to get the be your references.

here you are.


First chapter consists of background of the study, reason for choosing the topic, statements of the problems, objectives of the study, significance of the study, limitation of the study, definition of the key terms, and organization of the thesis.

A.    Background of the Study
Everyone, whatever his or her job, needs means in doing his or her job. Since there are many jobs in the world, of course, there will be many means needed to support the work of each worker.  However, there is only one means, which is very crucial in our daily life. It is realized or not, this means is always inherent in our daily life, from all kinds of means, the language is the most important means. Language is often interpreted as a means to convey feelings and thoughts of human. Therefore, the language is used to communicate and convey meaning from one person to another. Corder stated (1993:22),
The first way we can approach language is as a phenomenon of the individual person. It is concerned with describing and explaining language as a matter of human behaviour.  People speak and write, they also evidently read and understand what they hear. They are not born doing so; they have to acquire these skills. Not everybody seems to develop them to the same degree. People may suffer accidents or diseases which impair their performance. Language is thus seen as part of human psychology, a particular short of behaviour, the behaviour which has as its principal function that of communication.

Therefore, language is something that we must acquire not that something naturally exists in our life. By mastering the language, it will be easier for us to communicate.
The international language, English, is widely used in almost all aspects of life, such as communication, economics, politics, sciences, technology, tourism, education and entertainment. In other word, English is the most powerful language in the world. We can deny it. In order to survive in the era of globalization, in which the development of technology is very rapid, we need to master the English to communicate and to compete in this harsh world. We need it to socialize with the global community. Through English, we can easily communicate to foreigners so that we can develop our skills in our fields.
Related to the communication in the society, there is a study about it. Holmes (2001:1) states that sociolinguistics is concerned with the relationship between language and the context in which it is used. Sociolinguistics, as a branch of linguistics, view or put the position of language in relation to the use of language in society, because in social life human are no longer individuals, but as a social community. According to the sociolinguistics concepts, the structure of society that is always heterogenic always influences the language structure. The structure of society is influenced by many factors, such as ‘who speaks’, ‘with whom’,’ where’, ‘when’, and ‘to what end’. The factors can be grouped as four components; these are participants, setting, topics, and function.
The four components are related to the social dimensions, which can help for understanding the sociolinguistics phenomena recently. These dimensions are about a social distance scale concerned with participant relationship, a status of the participant, and a formality relating to the setting or type of interaction of communication, and the functions of the topic or interaction. It is the basic way to analyze sociolinguistics phenomenon.
 Recent years, the technology influences the communication of human being.  Human not merely communicate in spoken language for the direct way, but nowadays they can use many of technologies for doing the direct communication in written language. We can share our thought directly to everyone through technology. Because of the technology, we can communicate to another from the different countries straightaway. One of the products of the technology is Facebook. Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.
The users of Facebook can update their conditions, emotions, and thought on Facebook. Everyone who makes friend with the users on Facebook can look and comment to his or her status update. It is not only for doing this, there are some features on Facebook that can be used by the users (http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/facebook.html). Marketplace, allows users to post, read and respond to classified ads. Groups, allows users who have common interests to find each other and interact. Events, allows users to publicize an event, invite guests and track who plans to attend. Pages, allows users to create and promote a public page built around a specific topic. Presence technology, allows users to see which contacts are online and chat.
One of the features on Facebook is Group. Many people gather on Facebook and make a group on this site. There are so many Groups, and one of the Groups is Allkpop group. It is a Group on Facebook, which gives the members news about K-Pop actors and musicians daily. The K-Pop Lovers, the fans of K-Pop, can give their comment in the news that is updated based on the Allkpop website news.
The members of Allkpop group are the users of Facebook around the world, who use English as the language of communication. Therefore, the researcher chooses Allkpop group to be analyzed as the representative of many Groups on Facebook.

B.     Reason for Choosing the Topic
Facebook is such a phenomenon in the society. Anyone can use it, wherever and whenever he or she wants. Via Facebook, everyone can interact to each other, although hindered by distance. Furthermore, group on Facebook makes someone who does not know each other can share their feeling without knowing each other personally, each member can communicate as what they want. They can give comment toward the status update.
The communication on Facebook attracts the writer to understand the patterns of conversation of the group. There are many members of Allkpop, and it always increases everyday. Each member has characteristic to give a comment toward the news on the status update or give comment to another comment. It is possibly in the same or different way, for the sociolinguistic’s point of view that the way human speak is different. The researcher wonders the relationship of the members.
The social dimensions can help the researcher to fulfill her curiosity of it. Each dimension on social dimension will help the researcher to analyze each comment on group, because each dimension have their own characteristics. The solidarity-social distance scale can help her to find out the relationship between the members. The status scale helps the writer to analyze the relative status. The formality scale helps the writer to assess the influence of the social setting or type of interaction on language choice. The last one, the referential and affective function scales help her to get the function of the content of the comment. From each dimension, the writer hopes that she will find the answer of her curiosity.

C.    Statements of the Problem
The problems that will be analyzed by the resercher in this study are:
1.      How is the relationship of the members of Allkpop group on Facebook found in the comments?
2.      What are the linguistic features indicate the relationship of the members of Allkpop group on Facebook found in the comments?

D.    Objectives of the Study
The researcher focuses on the study of revealing:
1.      To identify the relationship of the members of Allkpop group on Facebook found in the comments.
2.      To find out the linguistic features indicate the relationship of the members of Allkpop group on Facebook found in the comments

E.  Significance of the Study
Theoretically, this study may add current study on sociolinguistics especially about social dimensions and it can be used as references of related linguistic research especially to the communication language usage based on social dimensions analysis.
Practically, this research offers some benefits to many parties, especially for the researchers, the academic societies, and the readers. For the researchers, it gives information about social dimension on sociolinguistics study and it can be used as references for the next study in analyzing the same field. Then, for academic societies, it gives contribution to the study of sociolinguistics focused on social dimensions. It also can be used to understand the social dimensions on Facebook, especially on the group. The last one is for the readers. It is useful to enrich the reader’s knowledge in recognizing the relationship on the study of sociolinguistics.

F.     Limitation of the Study
The study focuses on relationship of the members found in the comment on Allkpop group on Facebook. The researcher chooses a group called Allkpop group on the Facebook as its limitation. The time for doing the research was on 3 rd July 2012. The focuses of the research is on the comments towards the status update.

G.    Definition of Key Terms
The researcher gives definition about key terms of the thesis for understanding the content of the thesis. The definitions are as follow:
1.      Analysis
Hornby (2000:41) defines the term analysis as the detailed study or examination of something in order to understand more about it.
2.      Relationship
According to Hornby (2000:1117), relationship is the way in which two people, groups, or countries behave towards each other or deal to each other.
3.      Member
Hornby (2000: 269) states that member is a person, country, or organization that has joined a group, society, or a team.
4.      Comment
Hornby (2000:255) defines the term comment as something that you sat or write which gives an opinion on or explain somebody or something.
5.      Allkpop group
Allkpop is a group on Facebook, where the Korean Pop Lovers can get the newest news of their Korean idols. This group status updates are from the Allkpop website
6.      Facebook
Kelsey (2010:6) defines that Facebook is an excellent gathering point for collecting stories and digital artifacts and sharing them online.

H.    Organization of Study
There are five chapters in this thesis. The first chapter consists of background of the study, reason for choosing the topic, statements of the problems, objectives of the study, significance of the study, the limitation of the study, definition of the key terms, and organization of the thesis.
The second chapter is about the theoretical foundations of the study of this thesis. This first part of this thesis discusses sociolinguistics. The second part discusses social dimensions, which are consist of relationship, status, setting, and function. The third part is discusses Facebook focuses on group on Facebook. The last part discusses Allkpop group.
The third chapter is research method. It describes research method that describes about source of the data, type of the research, population, sample and sampling, research instrument, technique of collecting data.
The fourth chapter is research finding and discussion. It describes the description of data and result of data analysis and discussions.
The fifth chapter is conclusions and suggestions.  

 the link below is for the complete thesis, you can ask anything if you've downloaded the full thesis, i'll be very happy to share my own experiences...
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- Chapter IV and V here 




Pambudhi, Pandu. 082120157. The Analysis of Code-Switching and Code-Mixing In Reading V Class of English Department of Purworejo Muhammadiyah University In The Academic Year 2011/2012.A Thesis. Teacher Training and Educational Sciences Faculty of Muhammadiyah University of Purworejo. July. 2012.

 Code-Switching and code-mixing are common phenomenon in our life which is very likely to occur within the speech community or worldwide human relation. Code-switching and code-mixing also have important position in education especially in English teaching. This study investigated (1) what kinds of code switching and codes mixing exist in reading V class; (2) what are the reasons of the lecturer code switching and code mixing their languages.
The data was collected by recording the lecturers and students communication contain code-switching and code mixing and distributing the questionnaires to the lecturer in order to find how she teaches English with two languages in her class to complete the research of this study. The researcher did the study toward Reading V Class of English Department of UMP in the academic year of 2011/2012.

By analyzing data, it was found that code-switching and code-mixing in Reading V class.(1)There are situational code switching, metaphorical code- switching, intrasential code-switching, intersential code-switching, and tag- switching. And there are three kinds of code mixing, namely; insertion, alternation, and congruent lexicalization.(2) the lecturer code switch and code-mix their languages because the students can’t completely understand the lecturer explanation. Knowing the result of the study towards reading V class, this research may have suggested to the lecturer that code switching and code mixing was needed in the English teaching learning process. Hopefully, the students would accept the material easily.

Key words: code switching, code mixing, bilingual, reading class.



Language is means of communication that is used by many people to communicate each other. Commonly, many people use more than one language to communicate. In Indonesia, many people use their mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia and also English to communicate

A.  Background of the Study

Nowadays, there are so many people who master more than one language. Many of them master two or more languages, namely their native language and the second language. The language which is usually mastered well by people is their mother tongue or native language. Most of them firstly used their mother tongue to communicate to their family and society. However during their communication with other people and because of the need of understanding other people about what they mean, there is a demand for the people to master or know the other languages. This condition caused many people learn another language to make their communication effective. People who master more than one language is called bilingual or multilingual. Hundreds of millions people in the world routinely use two or more languages in their daily lives (multilingual). This also happens to the Indonesian people who are multilingual. Indonesian people master at least theIndonesian national language that is Bahasa Indonesia and their regional language. Well-educated people usually master foreign languages, such as English, Japanese, etc. The fact that people can use more than one language encourages them to mix code whenever they speak. No wonder people can use more than one language at the same time.

Moreover, it is also possible for the bilingual or multilingual people to use more than one language in a communication even in the same topic, context or people. The condition where people use more than one language or code in the same topic and context or a person in communication is called code switching and code mixing.

Code switching and code mixing can be seen in spoken and written language. Code switching and code mixing in written language can found in newspaper, magazine, novel, etc. The code switching and code mixing can also found in spoken language such as radio program, Television program, teaching- learning process, etc. The teaching-learning process especially teaching speaking skill in class is one of the examples of code switching and code mixing in a spoken language. In these activities, the speaker not only mixes the codes of Indonesian and English, but sometimes Javanese too. English students and the lecturers often use code switching and code mixing in a class. They commonly used English in teaching. But they also commonly used other languages, Indonesian and or Javanese to make the explanation clearer and or with another reason based on their need. It is something natural when it happens on speaking class, because the lecturer and students are Indonesian people, they had their previous language before they mastered English. Their level of proficiency and fluency on English mastery is not only determined by their mastery on language but also by certain purpose in code switching and code mixing.

In this research, the researcher would like to investigate Reading V Class in using code switching and code mixing in their teaching and learning process. The phenomenon of code switching and code mixing widely occurs within the communication in which more than one language is used. Most countries have been globalizing and it will continue to happen. Recently, it is easy to find bilinguals in such traditionally multilingual countries as Indonesia as well as on account of this globalization. Also it is noticeable for them to speak mixed languages and they also switch back and forth between two languages. In order to understand the process of their utterances, it is necessary to study code switching and code mixing in the area of bilingualism.

B.  Reasons for Choosing the Topic

English sometimes makes students confused or bored because they will get difficult in comprehending the materials. Most of the English the lecturers in Indonesia especially in Purworejo use more than one language. We can find the switching up or mixing up in the communication of teaching and learning process in the language classes. In this research we can find out that code-switching and code-mixing

also occurs in the formal education. Code-switching and Code–mixing are needed for English the lecturers because it makes students easier and interested on comprehending the lesson. In addition, it would be better for the lecturers to try to teach students both code-switching and code-mixing so that the students could be familiar with bilingual condition.

C.  Statements of the Problems

Based on the study, the researcher focuses his attention on the following problems:

1.    What are the types of code switching and code mixing inReading V Class?
2.    What are the reasons of the Reading V lecturer code mix and code switch her languages in Reading V Class?

D.  Objectives of the Study

The objectives of the study are as the following:
1.    To classify the types of code switching and Code Mixing in process of Reading V Class.
2.    To describe the reasons of the Reading V lecturer code mix and code switch her languages in Reading V Class.

E.  Significance of the Study

This study investigates the facts of code switching and code mixing in Reading V Class. This study is expected to make contribution for those who have concern on an educational world especially English teaching to realize that there will be a phenomenon of code-switching and code-mixing within communication where more than one language are employed. This study is done to enlarge our view on sociolinguistic phenomenon in our society, particularly the phenomenon of language use and sociolinguistic aspects.

F.   Limitation of the Study

The researcher of this research focuses his study of code-switching and code-mixing used by the lecturer and students in Reading V Class. The phenomenon of code switching and code mixing are very likely to occur in their communication.

G.  Definition of the Key Terms

In understanding this thesis, the researcher and the readers should have the same interpretation.

1.    Analysis
Analysis is the study of something by examining its part (oxford pocket dictionary).

2.    Code switching
Code-switching is the concurrent use of more than one language, or language variety, in conversation(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code-switching)

3.    Code Mixing
Code-mixing refers to the mixing of two or more languages or language           varieties in       speech (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code-mixing).

H.  Organization of the Thesis

This thesis is divided into five chapters:

     Chapter I is Introduction.This chapter consists of background of the study, reason for choosing the topic, statements of the problem, objectives of the study, significance of the study, limitation of the study, definition of the key terms, and organization of the thesis.  
     Chapter II is Review of Related Literature.In the second chapter, review of related literature is presented Chapter III is Research Methodology. This Chapter is divided into four parts. The first part describes the source of the data. The second part discusses the instrument of data collection. The third part reveals the procedures of data collection and the last part is method of data analysis.
     Chapter IV is Data Description and Discussion.The fourth is analysis of the types of code switching and code mixing In Reading V Class. This Chapter also gives the reason of using code switching and code mixing made by the lecturer and students in Reading V Class.
     Chapter V is Conclusions.The last chapter, chapter V, contains some conclusions and suggestions.

for complete thesis download here

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