teaching fucntional text to improve grammar ability


Sanjaya, Abdillah. 2012. Teaching functional text to improve student ability in grammar in junior high school. Paper. English Department Faculty of Teacher Training and Educational Sciences Muhammadiyah University of Purworejo. Consultant, Titi Rokhayati, M.Pd

This study is about the teaching functional text in junior high school. The writer's reasons in choosing that topic are that the writer has great interest in functional text and student difficulty in learning grammar.
Functional text is used for everyday information. It is called functional because it helps you function in your day-to-day life. For example, if we wanted to make chocolate chip cookies, we would read a recipe. If we wanted to know our friend's phone number, we would look in a phone book. If our English teacher gave a test, we would need to read the directions. There are some kinds of functional text among of them, announcement, invitation, recipe, food label, schedule etc. Here the writer will explain how to teach functional text to improve student ability in grammar. Grammar is relatively said as a difficult task for the student.
This paper entitles teaching functional text to improve student ability in grammar. The writer will give an explanation on how to improve student ability in grammar through functional text. By using the grammatical pattern of functional text, such as, announcement, recipe, invitation card and so on, the writer here, hopes that student can easily understand sentence structure such as simple present and simple future tense. This paper shows an elaboration on how functional text is useful to teach grammar. Here, the writer also writes and explains the step completely. 

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English thesis : influence of banyumasan accent in learning english


A.      Background of the Problem
There are four skills in teaching English in a university. They are writing, reading, listening, and speaking. To support the skills, all components of the language namely structure, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation are taught.
In some countries, although English is not the mother tongue of the majority of in habitants, it may be used as the medium of instruction or as a foreign language. As a second language, English is also spoken Banyumas people for practical activities of various kinds. Banyumas have their language as their first language rather than having Indonesian language as the first language. Concerning that the native language or the mother tongue is indeed a very important factor in second language learning. Their accent will be distinctively recognized because they produce a different pronunciation. The differences will be seen clearly through features of intonation, word stress, vowels, and consonants. Based on this assumption, as variations differences rely on the kind of community, the writer is curious to find out Banyumas accent might affect their English pronunciation.
From the phenomenon in University of Muhammadiyah Purworejo, we can see several students of English department come from Banyumas use facility spelling in their English conversation. They tend to use sharp a vowel in their Javanese language and transfer this accent in to their English.
As one of the components of the language, pronunciation has an important role in English, especially in speaking and listening. Each language has its own pronunciation system. Vowel, diphthongs, consonants, sequence of sounds permitted, prosodies or supra segmental features are different between one to another language. No two different language have truly similar pronunciation system.
In Indonesian language, word stress is not so important that it can differentiate or change the meaning of word. The word “sepeda” , (bicycle), if necessary, can be pronounced [se’peda], [‘sepeda], [se’pe’da], or [sepeda] without changing the meaning. Indonesian does not have long vowels either so that we the word above can be pronounced [se:peda], [sepe:da], [sepeda:] or [se:pe:da:]. While in English,  word stress and long vowels can change the meaning the word “import” with stress in the first syllable is a noun and when the stress is the second syllable it becomes a verb.
The differences become the problems of most Indonesian learners and they hinder them to have a good English pronunciation. They will influence both their speaking and their listening competence. Their English is influence by their Indonesian. Their pronounce English doubtly or even wrongly so that their oral English is difficult to understand.
B.       Reason for Choosing the Topic
Indonesian people are getting sure of the important of English as the required language to get bigger space on earth. In contrast, it is still a hard thing to achieve the proficiency of speaking English. We need something to make English as an easier to master about.
There are reasons for English to define as a difficult thing to cope with. One of the most common reasons is the position of English as a foreign language. Many things are have to fulfill first as the adjustment.
Especially for Banyumas people which they have their own accent. Banyumas accent often faces some difficulties in learning pronunciation. Moreover pronunciation is the most important part in learning speaking English. One time we cannot pronounce well, native speaker will not understand what we said.
In order to make an advance, here, the writer will describe what English consonant and vowels phoneme which are not there in Javanese language of Banyumas and describe the difficulties of Banyumas in learning pronunciation so that teacher is expected will find an effective way in teaching speaking, especially for Banyumas students.

C.      The Identification of the Problem
   The differences between a native and foreign language can be seen from the sounds of the foreign language, which do not exist in the native language and the sounds that are pronounced differently. (Mackey,2003:21). It sounds can be classified into :
1.         Segmental Sounds
The problem covers the members of the sounds, the symbols of the sounds used the classification, the way production, the spelling  systems, and the differences  of the two sound systems.
2.         Suprasegmental Sounds
The problem covers the elements of suprasegmental sounds, the symbols used, the way of production, the rule to use them, and the meaning of suprasegmental features.
   To represent sounds into written from. Experts have made a set of symbol that it called phonetics transcription. There are two kinds of phonetic transcriptions that are generally used : broad transcription and narrow transcription. Broad transcription is transcription avoid ambiguity. The letter is narrow or close transcription, which attempts to represent sounds more precisely and uses some additional symbols or modified marks. One can use both or one of them depending on his need.

D.      The Limitation of the Problem
Based on the problem identification, it is evident that the discussion about sound differences between Indonesian as a native language and English as a foreign language is very complicated. It consists of segmental sounds and Suprasegmental sounds that are too wide to be discussed simultaneously. Because of the limited ability and time of the writer, the topic of this paper is limited to the difficulties of Banyumas student in learning English pronunciation.

E.       The Statement of the Problem
Based of the limitation of the problem above, the writer formulates the problem that become the research question of the study. These are presented as follows:
  1. What English Vowel and Consonant phonemes that are not found in Banyumas?
  2. What are the difficulties of Banyumas student in pronounce English word?

F.       The Objective of  the Study
The objective of this paper are :
1.    To describe English vowel and Consonant that phonemes   are not found in the Javanese Language of Banyumas
2.    To describe the difficulties of Banyumas student in pronounce English word.

G.      The Significance of the Study
Finding of the study are expected to bring about significances in number of ways. Among others the following  significances are possible:
1.      This study may be of some used to students, teachers, and all of the learners in developing speaking ability
2.      The findings of this study is hoped to give contribution for other writers who are interested in any of concepts and problem arising of this study becoming a reference . 

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